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Also, the nature of online dating websites has seen international criminal networks use such sites with the express aim of committing financial fraud and identity theft.
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I 'm the tall brunette in the romper," I texted from the lobby of the Ritz-Carlton. After martinis and a cheese plate, we got a room—Rich undressed, I de-rompered. I'm Rich."The 65-year-old business executive looked old but well preserved.We popped champagne, toasted in the Jacuzzi, and dried off.

My two younger sisters and I enjoyed an upper-middle class upbringing in a Massachusetts suburb.

I had a wildly idealistic view of what being a couple entailed, a hazy picture with faded yellow edges: a couple reclining, reading, limbs tangled in a pile of supine contentment.

I wanted to live in the carefree ‘70s — ironic given I was the only person in the group who hadn’t been alive during that decade. He wore shoes with Velcro straps, he was punctual, and his taste in music was too mainstream for my liking. We should have broken up over New Year’s Eve, but we waited, perhaps fittingly, until a wedding reception one glorious June day. I knew a lot about him already — he was a reporter, he was divorced, he was acutely intelligent but downplayed it, and he had a dark sense of humor.

My relationship with my boyfriend was slowly failing. In the meantime, my boyfriend had introduced me to R. Shaking hands and exchanging pleasantries, I wondered what he had heard about me. He had crinkly brown eyes, a crooked smile, and thick, dark hair.

My age, perhaps; the rest I preferred not to guess. He wore too much black; always a black sweater paired with navy or black jeans.