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Other reasons include being unusual, interesting and amazingly beautiful.

It is readily distinguished from other knife fish by the white and black banded area on the caudal puduncle.

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It also differs from the Brown Ghost Knife Fish, also called the Long-nosed Black Ghost, because of its shorter snout and the Brown Ghost has only one small white band close to the end of its tail. It is a member of the Apteronotidae Family of 'ghost knifefish'.

These knifefish received their unusual name because of a rumor that some tribes in the Amazon jungle believe that the souls of the dead inhabit these fish. It may just be a story created by the people collecting the fish, but it’s a good story!

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We all come into the world with a unique set of temperamental characteristics that remain stable throughout our lifetime.Though it can get quite big, reaching up to around 20 inches (50 cm), this is a very handsome fish.Like other knife fish, the Black Ghost Knife Fish has a flat elongated body.Make sure that your email address and phone number(s) are correct and that your vet reference (past or present) heartworm, flea, and all other questions are answered as completely as possible.Please note that it may take up to two weeks for our volunteers to reply to your request.Activity Level refers to the amount of activity from high to low that we engage in throughout our day.